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From: Anthony Parrish
Subject: Don't mess with a mutantDisclaimer: This story is about sex between adult males, if such subject
matter offends you or is illegal for you to read you should turn off your
computer and walk away now.
It was a Saturday night, or technically a Sunday morning, and me
and my friends had just finished clubbing on Liberty Avenue. We had just
left a club called the Cubbyhole and I was in a bad mood. We spent the
night going from club to club and in that time I only found one fuckable
guy. Yeah he was hot and of course I got his digits but come on, one guy
in the span of five hours is pathetic. I can do better. I mean just look
at me.
I'm 23 with a lean athletic frame wrapped in smooth cinnamon brown
skin, topped by exquisitely kept dreads that rest on my shoulders, brown
eyes, and white teeth concealed behind the most kissable lips you'll ever
see. Not to mention a 9" cock and the mutant power to make you cum with
less than a thought. So yeah I have kind of an ego but I think it's
Anyways I was in a bad mood. Since the partying was over for the
night my friends decided to drive back to their homes. They offered me a
ride but since I don't live too far from Liberty Ave. I told them I would
walk. I was hoping that on the way home I would run in to a hot guy and
together underage underage we could start our own partying.
My friends drove away leaving me alone roumes underage on the dark street. It
probably wasn't the safest situation to put myself in but being a black
male usually means strangers leave you alone. Usually. That night was
I had walked about half of a block when a black jeep drove up in
front of me. The car's front passenger window rolled down and a cute white
guy with dirty blond hair popped his head out. "Hey faggot suck on this!"
he said and threw a McDonald's cup full of soda at me.
I stepped out of the way quickly enough to avoid the cup but when
it hit the ground the cup busted open and the soda splashed on my designer
shoes. This guy was fucking with me at underage nn model
the wrong time but I decided to let
it go. It's hard for me to stay mad at a human; they are like children
they don't know any better. "Fuck you," was all I said as I continued
walking down the street.
The black jeep drove up ahead of me and stopped. The doors underage nn 15
and four guys stepped out. My hentai underage incest eyes immediately fell on the big Black guy
who was driving the car. He was wearing a pair of low hanging jeans and a
jersey that showed off his incredible biceps. To the left of the Black guy
was a short Hispanic guy. His hair was braided back in cornrows and his
t-shirt showed off the tattoos on his arms and his chest. On the other
side of the car were two White dudes. The bigger of the two had brown hair
and looked to be almost as muscled as the black guy. The smaller White guy
was the one who threw the soda at me. He was wearing a white t-shirt with
a blue open button shirt on top of it. When I say that he was smaller than
the other guy I don't mean to imply that he was small. They were both
about the same height, however the guy who threw the soda at me lacked his
friend's abundance of muscles.
The four of them exited the jeep and started walking towards me.
"Did you say something to my friend, faggot?" the underage nn model Hispanic asked me.
"Yeah I told him to go fuck himself."
"Wayne you gonna let this faggot talk to you like that," the
Hispanic one said as he playfully shoved the guy that threw the soda at me.
"No he's not talking to me, this faggot can't be talking to me,"
Wayne said in mock disbelief. He walked up close to me, looked me in the
eye and asked, "Are you talking to me faggot?"
"Am I looking at you," I said. "If I'm looking at you I must be
talking to you."
Wayne's face contorted in anger. Before I had a chance to move out
of the way, Wayne hit me with a hard right hook to the jaw. I stumbled
back a few steps and brought my hand to my cheek to soothe the pain. I was
pissed. No one, especially a human, hits me in the face. He might have
been able to tell by my red sleeveless vest and tight black pants that I
was gay. But he obviously couldn't tell that he just sucker punched a very
powerful telepath.
While Wayne and his friends were high fiving each other I quickly
took control of each of their minds and froze them in place. I walked up
to Wayne, who was frozen in the midst of a one handed hug with the Hispanic
guy, and gave him back control of his head. He could move his neck, speak,
and most importantly hear.
"Wayne you really picked the wrong night to fuck with me, and
hitting me was crossing the line," I said.
"What the fuck did you do to me, why can't I move?" Wayne asked.
"Wayne I'm talking now, and if you want underage blonde sex to get through this night
in one peace I'm gonna need you to show me a little more respect."
"Fuck you! When I get out of this me and my friends are going to
beat your ass," Wayne said.
"Wayne you probably shouldn't have said ass because you have just
given me a very wicked idea," I said as I stepped back away from the scene
I was about to create. "Listen up boys," I said to Wayne's friends, "in
front of you is underage lesbian picture standing the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. You
need to fuck her but she won't let you take her without a fight, she is underage illegal nudists a
good girl." I unfroze Wayne's friends but left Wayne immobile.
It took them a second or two to readjust to being in control of
their bodies. They swung fucking an underage their arms and stretched their legs, then one by
one they each stared at Wayne with their mouths open. They underage girl portal
didn't see
their friend anymore, all they saw was their individual image of the ideal
girl. They slowly started to approach Wayne like wolves closing in on
their prey.
"Guys, guys snap out of it," Wayne yelled. Unfortuately for him
his friends couldn't hear his words. All they heard was something along
the lines of hidden underage Stop I'm saving myself for marriage.
I decided it would probably be best if Wayne couldn't talk anymore
because the way I imagined this evening going soon he would be screaming
for help. I took control of Wayne's vocal chords, leaving him only with
the ability to moan, whimper, and grunt. I waited for Wayne's friends to
have him firmly in hand before I returned control of his body. Wayne
immediately tried to pull out of his friends' grips but together they were
more than strong enough to wrestle him down to the ground. The Hispanic
guy sat on Wayne's legs while the other two held his arms. Somehow Wayne
was able to wiggle one arm free. He tried to punch the guy on his legs but
before his fist connected with the Hispanic's face the other white guy
caught his arm and pulled it back above his head.
"This bitch is tough," the Hispanic guy said. "Maybe she just
needs some love." He pushed Wayne's t-shirt up to his chin and started
sucking on Wayne's nipples, first his left and then his right. When both
the nipples were hard the Hispanic gave them up to Wayne's other two
friends to pinch and play with as he made his way down to Wayne's pants.
The Hispanic unzipped the jeans underage underage
and then roughly pulled them down Wayne's
muscular and fucking an underage
hairy legs, leaving Wayne in just his boxers. "Nice underage pussy downloads panties,"
the Hispanic said.
"Damn nice," said the black guy. Only needing one arm to hold
Wayne's arm the Black guy used his free hand to play with the pussy he
couldn't wait to fuck. His hand went in to Wayne's shorts. Ignoring the
large cock and balls in his way the Black guy began to force his large
fingers into Wayne's straining asshole. "Damn this bitch is tight," said
the Black guy.
"Move out the way," said the Hispanic guy, "I'm gonna loosen this
pussy up for us." The Hispanic guy positioned himself between Wayne's
spread legs and then dove face first into Wayne's tight ass. He slowly
licked underage porn pedo
up the crack and then back down before shoving his fat tongue into
Wayne's hentai underage incest hole.
Wayne arched his back to escape the invasion of his ass and then
thrashed around when his friends pushed him back down to accept his fate.
With two men working over his tits and a fat tongue wiggling in his ass,
Wayne looked like a complete slut.
I decided it was time to move to the next step. "Boys take off
your clothes and the rest of hers and then flip her onto her stomach," I
said, "it is time for her to get fucked." I wanted to join in and deflower
Wayne myself but controlling four minds while their emotions asian underaged pussy were running
high requires concentration. I had to settle for just being the underage nn 15
of the free underage sexy show and underage girld
not one of the actors.
The boys stripped Wayne and flipped him onto his stomach. As soon
as his knees hit the ground Wayne tried to crawl away. The Hispanic
grabbed his legs and pulled him back. He then started eating out Wayne's
ass again while the Black guy and the White guy fisted their impressive
tools and held Wayne down by his shoulders.
I decided the black guy should fuck him first as a substitute for
myself. "She wants you to take her first," I said as I pointed to the
Black guy.
The Hispanic guy dejectedly removed himself from Wayne's ass and
then joined his friends holding Wayne's shoulders down. The Black guy
moved down to Wayne's tight bubble butt, held him by his waist and then
shoved his entire dick into Wayne's virgin ass in one thrust. Wayne's
mouth shot open like he wanted to scream but no sound came out. For a few
seconds the Black guy just held his dick still inside Wayne's tight ass.
When Wayne finally stopped convulsing the Black guy slowly withdrew his
dick until just the tip was still inside and then thrust his hips forward
and drove the whole black rod inside Wayne's overstretched hole again. The
Black guy repeated this motion again and again, each time causing Wayne to
form his mouth as if to scream. Naturally I had to take advantage of that.
"You," I said pointing to the big White guy, "let her suck your cock."
The White guy moved in front of Wayne and offered his cock to be
sucked. However, Wayne was still trying to fight the inevitable. He kept
moving his head from side to side to avoid the White guy's big dick. One
way or another I was going to get Wayne to suck that cock but I decided I
would rather not have to worry about Wayne biting it. The image alone is
just too disturbing, not to mention the fact that the sudden pain would
probably disrupt my control over these guys. I decided it was time for
Wayne to get into the party.
"Wayne that cock in your ass feels so good, doesn't it?" I said.
Wayne slowly nodded his head yes.
"If one cock feels good imagine how two cocks will feel. Open your
mouth and suck your friend's dick. You'll love it."
Wayne opened his mouth and his friend inserted his cock. Wayne was
able to take the whole thing down to the base. A side effect of being
hypnotized is that you underage lesbian pictures have no gag reflex. The guy in Wayne's mouth began
to slowly rock his hips back and forward until he fell into a rhythm with
the Black guy in Wayne's ass. I was so engrossed in the scene of Wayne
being impaled by the two thick dicks that I forgot for a moment to include
the Hispanic guy in the action.
"Climb underneath her and suck on her clit while your big black
friend fucks her pussy," I said to the Hispanic.
The Hispanic shuffled underneath Wayne and swallowed his whole tool
in one gulp. The sight of these four studs fucking and sucking each other
was amazing. Maybe when mutants take over the world, we should keep a few
humans for occasions like this I thought.
The guy in Wayne's mouth was the first to cum. He grabbed Wayne by
the head and shot his load down Wayne's throat. Completely spent he pulled
away and I sent Wayne the psychic suggestion to suck on the Hispanic's cock
beneath him. A few seconds latter Wayne erupted into the Hispanic's mouth,
who without being told swallowed every drop. The convulsions in Wayne's
ass must have sent the Black guy over the edge. He grabbed Wayne by his
narrow waist and came deep in his plump ass. With everyone climaxing
around him it wasn't long before the Hispanic guy went over the edge. He
flipped Wayne onto his back, straddled Wayne's chest, and shot his semen in
long ropes across Wayne's face.
With the action over I sent the psychic suggestion to Wayne's
friends to put their clothes back on. While they were getting dressed I
walked up to Wayne who was covered in cum.
"Wayne you are not gay," I said. "You only liked it because I made
you like it. In a few minutes your friends will forget everything that
happened here tonight. However, I have planted a psychic cue in their
minds. If they ever see or asain porn underage hear of you bothering another gay guy all of
their memories of tonight will come back. Now you might want to get
dressed quickly before they come out of it and wonder why you have cum
leaking from your ass."
I returned complete control of their bodies to the four studs and
continued my walk home.

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